Basic RGBSupport

If you are having technical issues using this website, purchasing the test, accessing the testing platform, or retrieving your results, please review the following information or visit our FAQs page. If you do not see your problem listed below or require additional assistance, please contact us.

**Please note that we do not store or provide copies of test results. It is your responsibility to download, save, and print your results. Once you close out of the testing platform, your results will no longer be retrievable. A new test will need to be purchased and taken should you lose or fail to save your report.**

Where do I go to take the test?

After you purchase a test, you will receive an access code via email. Use that access code to access the testing platform HERE.

What do I do if I didn’t receive my confirmation email?

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder (the sender will be “MMC Concussion Tests”). If you still do not see the confirmation email, please contact us.

Why can’t I access the testing platform?

  1. Make sure you are using the correct access code, which is provided in the confirmation email following purchase of the test.
  2. Make sure your access code has not expired. Your code will expire 7 days after date of purchase or after completion of the test (including tests with “invalid” scores), whichever comes first. (e.g., if you buy the test on a Monday, and take the test the next day, the code will expire after you finish the test).
  3. If you received an invalid score the first time you took the test, your access code is no longer valid. If you wish to retake it, you must purchase a new test and will receive a new access code.
  4. Ensure that your browser is up to date. The testing platform works on most current web browsers. If you are having problems accessing the testing platform, consider downloading and testing with an alternative browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.
  5. To optimize the computer system’s performance while running the test, the following is recommended:
    • No other applications should be in operation.
    • No background system services should be running.
    • The computer should be free of viruses and pop-ups.
    • No virus scanning, ad-ware scanning, or spy-ware scanning software should be actively running.
    • The screen saver option should not be active.
    • Power management functions should be disabled (laptop).
    • Do not install software updates during the test.

Can I take the baseline cognition test offline?

No. Testing requires a reliable, broadband network connection.

Can I take the test on my tablet or smartphone?

No, this test can only be taken on a computer that has a browser and steady internet connection.

Can I view test results on my tablet (e.g., iPad or Droid)?

Yes. Reports are provided as PDFs and can be downloaded and viewed on a tablet device or smartphone.

What do I do if I was unable to finish the test and it timed out?

If you are unable to finish the test due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g., power outage, interruption in internet service), you will be permitted 1 free test retake using the same access code.

An incomplete test is not the same as an invalid test!

  • Incomplete test: due to unavoidable circumstances that interrupted your ability to continue submitting answers
  • Invalid score: you finished the test but either did not try your best (e.g., randomly hitting keys) or didn’t understand the instructions.

Why does “N/A” appear under the “Compared to Peers” column?

The “Compared to Peers” feature is only available for ages 10-25.