MMC Baseline Concussion Test


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If you suspect that you or your child has suffered a head injury, seek medical treatment immediately.

What’s included

The price ($30) includes 1 concussion baseline test and unlimited post-concussion testing for 1 individual. The access code for taking the test is valid for 7 days following purchase. The baseline test can be taken once on your home computer. Future baseline tests must be purchased. The post-concussion testing is free and unlimited, but must be administered by a licensed healthcare professional. You will still be responsible for any fees charged by the healthcare professional. A sample report can be viewed HERE.

Test Instructions

Upon purchase, a confirmation page will appear, and you will receive an email containing an access code and a link to the testing page. If you do not receive a confirmation email sent by MMC Concussion Tests, please check your spam/junk folder. To begin testing, click on the link to the testing website and insert your access code.


If the test taker receives “INVALID” results, he or she should be retested, because this indicates that the individual did not understand the instructions of the test. Those who receive an invalid result and wish to retake the test must purchase a new test. If the individual taking the test is unable to produce a valid score, a more comprehensive workup by a qualified healthcare professional should be considered.

Access Code Expiration

Anyone unable to complete the test due to unforeseeable circumstances will be allowed 1 test retake within 7 days of the original purchase date using the same access code. After 7 days, the license code will expire and any retest will require the purchase of a new code.

Test Information and Instructions

Post-concussion testing

In the event of a suspected brain injury, unlimited post-concussion cognition testing is available free of charge for those individuals who purchased and completed an MMC Concussion Tests concussion baseline test. Post-concussion testing can only be accessed and administered by a licensed healthcare professional. While the post-concussion testing component is free, you will still be responsible for any fees charged by your healthcare clinician. Instructions on how your physician can access the post-concussion cognition assessment tools are included on the baseline test results report that is provided as a downloadable PDF after test completion. Healthcare professionals should visit Concussion Vital Signs (and click “Clinician Portal”) for information and instructions on accessing and administering post-concussion cognition testing as part of this concussion management package. Instructions for clinicians are also included in the baseline cognition results report.

For post-concussion testing information, click HERE.

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