Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please see the technical support page for additional information about taking the test.

How do I access the testing platform?

After you purchase your test, you will be provided with an access code, which you can use to access the testing platform HERE.

How long is the test access code valid following purchase?

The access code is valid for 7 days following purchase.

Where is the access code I’ll need to take the test?

Upon purchase, a confirmation page will appear, and you will receive an email containing an access code. If you do not receive a confirmation email sent by MMC Concussion Test, please check your spam/junk folder.

How do I get my baseline concussion test results?

When you finish the test, there will be a link to download a PDF of your baseline results that will look like THIS. You will be responsible for downloading, saving, and printing this PDF and keeping it for your records.

What do I do if I didn’t download, save, or print my results report?

You must purchase a new test. Once you close out of the testing platform, your report PDF will not be stored by MMC Concussion Test or Concussion Vital Signs. It is your responsibility to download, save, and print the report PDF once the test is complete. It is also your responsibility to share the baseline report with your physician if a head injury occurs.

Why is a concussion baseline test appropriate as part of my family’s concussion management?

The MMC Concussion Test tool provides a brief, web-based neurocognitive baseline testing solution. Evaluations, such as this one, along with medical history and balance testing, assist the physician in evaluating, monitoring, and managing concussions. The test is designed to give you easy-to-use baseline assessment flexibility at home. This tool is practical, evidence-based, affordable, and is noted for being relatively easy and quick to administer or take.

How long does this concussion baseline test take?

Depending on the individual and the environment, baseline testing typically takes between 25 and 35 minutes.

What age ranges can be tested with MMC Concussion Tests?

The test can be administered to individuals 10 to 70 years of age.

Where can I access a more detailed description of the test?

You can find the additional information and a description of the test here. A sample baseline report can be found here.

What equipment will I need to take the concussion baseline test?

Testing can be done on any laptop or desktop computer that has a browser and consistent internet connection. Tablets, mobile devices, or wireless keyboards are not appropriate for baseline concussion testing.

Will the test taker require assistance when taking the test?

Children of suitable age for the test should not require assistance during the test. The test is designed to be easy to use by individuals 10-70 years of age.

When should my child’s baseline cognition be retested?

You should consider retesting your child’s baseline cognition annually for as long as your child plays sports. You should also consider retesting your child if an invalid score appears on the results report. A new test will need to be purchased in both cases.

What does “invalid” mean on my test results?

The baseline test can be scored as invalid (“NO” displayed in the validity score section of the report) if you do not put forth your best effort during the testing process (e.g., randomly hitting keys, or hitting the same key over and over). You might also score abnormally low on a section of the test if you misunderstood or did not read the instructions.

What do I do if I receive “invalid” results?

It is strongly recommended that a new test be purchased so you can establish a valid baseline score. If you retest, make sure to give your best effort. Upon retest, if you receive yet another invalid score and you believe it was your best effort, further evaluation or referrals should be considered (e.g., evaluation of reading skills and ability). The validity score alerts the clinician to the possibility of an invalid test allowing the clinician to question the testing subject:

  • Do the testing results reflect an understanding of the test and the instructions?
  • Did the testing subject put forth his or her best effort? Did he or she get a good night’s sleep before testing?
  • Does the subject have poor vision and need his or her glasses?
  • Do the results suggest willful exaggeration, e.g., sandbagging?

What does the “VALID SCORE” mean on the test results?

The Validity Score alerts the parent and clinician of the possibility of an invalid test. If you do not achieve “YES” in the Valid Score sections of the baseline report, you should be retested (a new test must be purchased if the individual is retesting due to invalid results on the previous test).

Who is MMC Concussion Test? Who is Concussion Vital Signs?

MMC Concussion Test is a product of Matrix Medical Communications LLC (MMC) and is intended as a consumer-based portal for concussion testing and educational material on the prevention and management of brain injury. MMC Concussion Test is powered by our partner, Concussion Vital Signs.

MMC is a full-service publishing and communications company based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, that is committed to innovation and to the flow of ideas among healthcare professionals and consumers across all disciplines of medicine. Our products are designed to enhance communication and understanding of the latest treatments and technologies among physicians, allied health professionals, and consumers.

Concussion Vital Signs is a product of CNS Vital Signs, a world leader in the design and development of standardized neurocognitive assessment tools. As a clinical instrument, the CNS Vital Signs medical neurocognitive battery has been used to evaluate and manage patients by more than 9,000 clinicians and researchers in 52 countries. Concussion Vital Signs is focused on concussion testing and uses a subset of the CNS Vital Signs medical tests.