Post-concussion testing information for clinicians

As part of a continuum of care for patients who have been baseline tested with MMC Concussion Test and Concussion Vital Signs, in-office post-concussion testing is available at no cost to providers performing concussion management. Clinicians can test these patients via the Concussion Vital Signs website.

Any athlete visiting your office will need to present a copy of his or her baseline report or post-concussion report. With the information contained in the header of the report, clinicians can review the patient’s most recent tests and perform a post-concussion test in his or her office.

Keep in mind that every post-concussion report will also display a longitudinal graph of scores from all previous tests. Using the “Concussion Reference Code” in the Clinician Portal section of the Concussion Vital Signs website will allow you to access information or initiate testing. The “Concussion Reference Code” is unique to the individual.

Should you decide to administer a test in your office, the report should be downloaded, saved, and printed immediately post-test.

Concussion Vital Signs is not a substitute for a neurological workup or comprehensive neurocognitive testing. It allows comparison of a post-concussion cognition test to a baseline cognition test. Similarly, Concussion Vital Signs testing is not exhaustive, and performance within normal limits should not be taken as lack of evidence for a concussion or other cognitive deficit.

As such, Concussion Vital Signs testing alone is not evidence for returning to play. Clinicians should perform a comprehensive exam as needed. It is important to understand and to be aware that a patient who does not do his or her best on the baseline test might score higher on a post-concussion test, and this can cause inaccurate results in cases where the patient has actually suffered a brain injury.

Typical CPT codes for neurocognitive testing look like: 96118 or 96120.

Clinicians can perform post-concussion testing on their patients via Concussion Vital Signs (select the Clinician Portal option).

If you require more granularity in neurocognitive testing or see complex cases, you might want to consider the CNS Vital Signs platform.