Here at MMC we believe that sports are great for a child’s development. They teach many important skills like teamwork, discipline, and organization. We also understand the severity and the lasting consequences that concussions can have, both on the lives of the individual as well as their loved ones.

As we watch the number of concussions, especially in youth sports, continue to grow at a rapid rate, we strive to educate others on the importance of being aware and proactive. This involves taking part in concussion management protocols, including pre-concussion baseline testing, before an athlete gets on the court or on the field.  The question is, what’s the easiest, most reliable, and most effective way to get the answers you need?

We offer a self-administered baseline concussion test that can be taken at home on your own computer with test results available immediately. You keep the results to share with your doctor in the event of a head injury. Your doctor can then administer unlimited, free follow-up testing in his or her office to evaluate gravity of the head injury and, most importantly, when the child is fully healed! 

We care about the safety and well-being of all athletes, especially children, and trust that with your support, we will help to protect their health and ability to safely participate in sports for years to come.

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MMC Pre-Concussion Baseline Test

  • Quick, easy, and affordable

  • Self-administered at home

  • Validated, objective, and reliable

  • Immediate, printable results

  • Suitable for ages 10–70

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